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A Salem retail clothing store that has gone out of business donated the last of its apparel to area schools this week. East Palestine received more than 150 dresses to add to its Eppy’s Attic boutique for students. (Submitted photo) (Submitted photo) EAST PALESTINE A new clothing boutique at the East Palestine High School has received more than 100 new dresses from a Salem business. East Palestine Superintendent Traci Hostetler said the Eppys Attic boutique received the semi formal and formal dresses as a donation from Dress 2 Impress 4 Less. The Salem retail clothing store donated the dresses as part of its going out of business process. The store was officially closed as of Tuesday, according to its Facebook page. The business also donated dresses to the Columbiana County Educational Service Center, the page stated. They will let the young ladies come in and choose a gown for free! Our dream will continue on through these organizations, the business wrote on Facebook. Thank you all for your support over the past four months. Youre fantastic and it has been a true blessing getting to know you all. Hostetler said Dress 2 Impress 4 Less donated more than 150 dresses, which will now be added to the already growing assortment of semi formal and formal wear for both male and female students.

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The non-denominational independent Christian organization was founded in 2006, and Dress เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่นเกาหลี a Girl began in 2009. Since then, the missionary has delivered more than 500,000 dresses to girls in 81 countries. Each dress is handmade and personally delivered by volunteers. So many women like to sew and create, and inherently we want to do something for someone else, so this was just a wonderful opportunity to tie it into something that we love to do and where there's this huge need, said Claudia Wahlberg, who runs a local branch of the organization. Wahlberg learned about Dress a Girl in Santa Cruz and started a group at Northwest Church in Fresno. She asked for donations of fabric and trim and was overwhelmed with the response. The group now hosts a monthly Sew Fest from 1 to 4 p.m. on the third Friday of each month in the Fig Garden library branch. Weve made almost 2,000 dresses in Fresno and weve been doing this for almost two years, Wahlberg said. Weve shipped almost 1,400 dresses to Panama, Guatemala, Zambia, Malawi, Haiti, and I think we have a group soon going to Burkina Faso and another group going to Malawi. The volunteers pray over the dresses and feel blessed they have the opportunity to create them, she said. Its one of my favorite outreach programs because I love to sew, but in order to volunteer you dont have to be able to sew, said Carol Downs, a Clovis resident who spends her free time sewing dresses for Dress a Girl.

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