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"Take some time, and give it some serious thought. It may actually be cheaper to head out instead of staying home this holiday season." YOU GET TO SKIP HOLIDAY SHOPPING AND GIFT-GIVING Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on presents this Christmas, suggest to your closest family members or friends that you all ditch gift-giving and take a trip together. Imagine all of the time and money you'll save, the stress you'll avoid, and the memories you'll make. But if your group is adamant about giving at least a few presents this year during the trip, you can still save money by limiting the number of gifts you decide to buy. After all, transporting a pile of gifts while traveling is a hassle. Not to mention you'll likely face airline baggage fees for extra luggage. "You probably won't be spending as much on gifts if you travel, simply for the fact of not being able to transport them effectively," said Bakke. Also, you can make the trip itself the Christmas gift to your whole family. For example, instead of buying dozens of toys for all four of your children, a more meaningful gift could be a holiday vacation to their favorite amusement park - Disney World, anyone? - or a once-in-lifetime cruise to multiple countries. SAY GOODBYE TO HOLIDAY PARTY-PLANNING STRESS Planning a holiday party isn't cheap.

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