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Staring at that picture of Atta, I would have visions of what my brother’s final moments were like. I would envision my asthmatic brother slowly succumbing to smoke inhalation on the flat, gray corporate rug of his Cantor Fitzgerald office — trapped, climbing upward and afraid for the entire 102 minutes before the tower’s collapse. Glaring at Atta’s photo, I’d imagine my brother’s body buckling, falling, crumpling, burning, melting, and in that moment of imagination, my entire being wanted revenge against the people who did this. I joined the war. I deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. I learned many things but realized just one. I learned that deploying for the second time was easier than the first, but each time it’s harder to fully come home. I learned that I love soldiers. Nothing builds bonds more than living with a group of people in a war zone, getting shot at, not showering for months, roasting our own excrement in burn pits, cracking inappropriate jokes and serving something greater than ourselves. I also learned how that love turns to heartache when one of those soldiers gets killed, and you pack his gear up in duffel bags to be shipped home to his wife and unborn child. I learned that another family’s losing a brother doesn’t bring my brother back.

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Dirty Lemon’s “sleep tonic” contains magnesium, a “beauty elixir” drink features collagen, and an anti-aging drink contains rose water. When customers text Dirty Lemon, it sends a link to enter their credit card information. Another Drug Store feature is a large mirror that reflects a wall of coolers, to encourages selfies.CreditIdris Solomon for The New York Times The company is closing a round of venture capital funding from celebrities and investors, including Winklevoss Capital, Betaworks and the investment fund of the YouTube stars Jake Paul and Cameron Dallas. Mr. Normandin said his conviction in Dirty Lemon’s store was so strong that he had already made plans to open another one in New York and two more in other cities, all featuring a separate V.I.P. lounge with a bar and special events. The company has shifted almost all of its $4 million annual digital advertising budget into its retail stores. Dirty Lemon is forging ahead into brick-and-mortar stores when many traditional retailers are closing locations and investing in digital marketing and e-commerce. But Mr. Normandin said his customers, who are mainly young women, were tired of digital marketing that constantly pushed them to buy things. Rather, he said, they seek unique in-person experiences.

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