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Its a different process from red carpet and television, says Tanno, explaining that it takes several calculated steps to create a look for stage thats seamless and weightless plus budge-and-sweat-proof. Gaga and I joked as I was doing her make-up that its a Million Layers! (Yes, Tanno dropped a Joanne reference!) Tanno started by prepping Gagas skin with athin layer of Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer . Then she applied two concealer shades one on the high points of of Gagas face and the other onthe sculpting points to create depth. To even her complexion, Tanno applied foundation, then highlighted under her eyes and the bridge of her nose with a brightening concealer pen . To set her base, Tanno swept on a powder foundation and added a little more definition by applying a contour powder on her cheekbones and forehead. Moving on to her mesmerizing eyes, the makeup artistapplieda shimmery pewter cream shadow as a base, then she blended a vibrant lavender liner and a range of purple shades from this and this palette to make her lids really stand out. She also layered two black eyeliners ( one gel and one liquid ) to ensure the winged liner was ครีมหน้าเด้ง pantip bold and budge-proof. Tanno also used two mascaras (seen here and here ) to createinsane amounts of volume and drama. And voila! The eyes arent going anywhere, even after ripping a rhinestone mask off mid-performance. Gagas lips were the perfect candy apple red. I used Le Marclip creme lipstick in Dashing , applying and blotting it several times.

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Despite rumours perpetuated by South Korean sources, Jong-nam did eventually meet and forge a relationship with grandfather Kim Il-sung. Image copyright Reuters Image caption North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has remained tight-lipped on the latest murder claims In 1979, Jong-nam began a 10-year odyssey studying and living outside North Korea. He stayed in Russia and Switzerland and eventually became fluent in French and English, returning to North Korea in the late 1980s. His exposure to the outside world and his impatience living in relative social isolation in Pyongyang and Wonsan led him to question North Korea's political and economic system. At several points, Kim Jong-il became so frustrated with Jong-nam that he threatened to send the young man to a political prison camp to work in a coal mine. According to his aunt, the threat of imprisonment was so real that the family took measures to buy adequate clothing and shoes for the day when they would be sent away. 'Party boy' ครีมหน้าเงา เซเว่น Instead of being incarcerated, Jong-nam spent his 20s contending with his father's demands and unrealistic expectations. Jong-nam would never be a viable candidate as his father's successor, but he still joined the family business. He would be linked to North Korea's internal security apparatus and its foreign exchange-earning operations outside the country. During the Arduous March of the 1990s, as thousands of North Korean citizens starved to death, Jong-nam participated in audits in which central party officials reviewed the finances and business practices of state-owned factories. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Kim Il-sung (left) with his son Kim Jong-il at a mass rally in Pyongyang in September 1983 After some of these audits, Jong-nam would witness the public executions of factory managers accused of stealing from the state.