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Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs on stage They were inducted alongside the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Journey and Yes during a concert in New York. However, it was not just a celebration: a number of artists chose to use the occasion to make impassioned pleas and remember lost friends. Tupac's award was collected by his friend, fellow rapper Snoop Dogg. Folk singer Baez - as known for her activism as her singing - made a rallying call for resistance in the face of "the new political cultural reality". The 76-year-old, who admitted most younger people had never heard her work, made a return to the spotlight this week when her song Nasty Man went viral. Baez - imitating Donald Trump's particular way of speaking - told the audience gathered at Brooklyn's Barclays Center: "Let us together repeal and replace brutality and make compassion a priority. Let us build a great bridge, a beautiful bridge, to welcome the tired and the poor." Image copyright Reuters Image caption Folk singer Joan Baez (pictured) urged people to resist the "new political cultural reality" Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder tackled climate change, saying: "We cannot be the generation that history will look back upon and wonder, why didn't they do everything humanly possible to solve this biggest crisis of our time?" Snoop Dogg was on hand to collect Tupac's trophy, more than two decades after he was shot dead in Las Vegas. Calling Tupac "the greatest rapper of all time", he recalled how they were just "two black boys struggling to become men", adding: "To be human is to be many things at once: strong and vulnerable, hard-headed and intellectual, courageous and afraid, loving and vengeful, revolutionary and, oh yeah... gangsta!" Image copyright Reuters Image caption Snoop Dogg paid tribute to his friend, the late Tupac Shakur Tributes were also paid to 1986 Hall of Fame inductee Chuck Berry.

It can throw your whole body off balance (sometimes literally), leaving you uncomfortable and incapacitated. When Style Why design buffs must visit Tokyo, an architectural riddle of a city Walking along a quiet Tokyo lane lined with low-key apartments, I suddenly spot a sight as surreal as it is unexpected. Visitors to the Barbican exhibition will get a good sense of this creativity, but I want to appreciate it in situ which is why I find myself signing up for a guided walk to explore at first hand the buildings that make up one of the most densely-packed cities on Earth. Style The Chainsmokers and Drake dominated the nominations for the 2017 Billboard Musica Awards with 22 nods each. Style Its no secret that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are one of our favorite celebrity couples ever. กระเป๋าเป้แฟชั่น ราคาถูก ig They usually keep things pretty Style She gave birth in January. Style "I have never seen such a spectacular array of blooms. Ever." Style Here is the photo evidence. Style But they're keeping the details super secret. Style Say hello to Hyperloop One.

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