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"In the first moment it was not a plane," Mr Kristiansen told the BBC. "It was maybe 2,000 - 5,000 pieces of a plane. And we found a motor... then suddenly we found parts of bones, and parts from [the pilot's] clothes. "And then we found some personal things - books, a wallet with money... Either it was a little Bible or it was Mein Kampf - a book in his pocket. We didn't touch it, we just put it in some bags. A museum is now taking care of it. I think there's a lot of information in those papers." Realising they had found something extraordinary, the farmer contacted World War Two historians and the Danish authorities.

Itopens with the eye-popping lyric, Bedding Taylor Swift / Every night inside the Oculus Rift / After mister and the missus / Finish dinner and the dishes. In a new interview with Exclaim! , Father John wants you to know that he is not thinking about Taylor Swift like that: The fact of the matter is, I dont want that to happen to Taylor Swift. That is the worst thing I can think of; that is so horrible. But again, this plays into progress, where like, the internet was supposed to be this new democracy, a utopia of information where everyone had a voice and we were all interconnected, and we would experience true democracy and it turned into pornography, followed only by outrage. The tools represent some kind of technological advancement, but if we cant act like more than angry ecstasy freaks with the most advanced technology in the world, then how much have we really progressed? And if you dont think that this virtual reality thing isnt going to turn into sex with celebrities, then youre kidding yourself. That face recognition stuff? I mean, there are people working on it right now. Its absurd. Someone sitting with this headset on, you know? Oh God, its just, how many different ways do human beings need to masturbate?

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Social Media Gets Impatient As Keepers Mention 'Omen Of Impending Birth' 03/06/17 AT 8:05 AM Close While thousands of social media users await April thegiraffe to give birth, keepers at the Animal Adventure Park in New York said they spotted the face and neck of a young giraffe in Aprils bedding Sunday, believed to be an omen of the impending birth.For more than a week, millions of viewers have tuned in to YouTube to witness the birth of the giraffe calf. "What many are calling an omen of the impending birth; the face and neck of a young giraffe appeared in the bedding this afternoon. Pretty neat if you ask us," the keepers wrote on the zoo's Facebook page . "April was reportedly on edge this afternoon during veterinary examination. This evening, keeper report suggests a bit more calm now.There is a significant amount of belly movement and tail raising. Appetite is notably strong also." The giraffe recently got "spooky" after extreme kicking from its unborn calf, keepers said, adding that there are no signs of the calf yet. "April continues to be a very much pregnant giraffe!" the zoo wrote in its daily update on Facebook. "She was reported as being a little 'spooky' last evening, which was likely due to the many intense baby kicks observed by keepers." The original live stream had received6 million views, but it was later taken down after reports that itcontainednudity and sexually explicit content. A new live video was released that received another 30 million views over eight days. On Saturday, the live feed experienced glitches and the Animal Adventure Park later apologized for the error. "We did experience some glitches last night, both on the video feed and the facebook page, but we believe those have been resolved. Our apologies on the cam being down for some time and the Evening Update that was drafted, but did not post," the zoo wrote. To watch the live stream, click here.

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