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Martin Sellner "It was very tense and aggressive. I could really sense that," he says. "At the time I wasn't scared but I was very scared afterwards once it was all over." The fresh-faced rector, Prof Oliver Vitouch, was looking out of his office window when he saw protesters and rushed to confront them. He was hit by one of them as they tried to escape. "Although they usually say they're completely free of violence and completely peaceful, it's pretty clear to me that the readiness to violence is obviously there," he says. For years, GI was dismissed by its critics as a bunch of wannabe hipster Nazis - but Natasha Strobl, an author and researcher, has long thought their actions and rhetoric pose a threat to the country. "They paint refugees as invaders, as dangerous soldiers of Islam who come here to destroy Europe. It really destroys society," she says. As a result of this rhetoric, she adds, "people get aggressive, people harass Muslim women on the streets". She wrote a book about the Identitarian movement and then began receiving threats.

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The iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Bigger Is Now Definitely Better

Brian X. Chen Yet after running the 6.5-inch XS Max alongside the 5.8-inch XS through different situations and conditions for a week, I was surprised by my reaction. Far from being disappointed by the supersized devices, I was delighted. The https://gahmnabaa83.wordpress.com trade-offs of the new jumbo model felt minor. By eliminating the bezels, which are the screen’s borders, Apple did a terrific job of increasing screen size without adding bulk or compromising the usability of the XS Max. I still think the smaller XS is a better fit for most people, but many would enjoy the XS Max. Philip W. Schiller, Apple's senior vice president for marketing, discussed the newest iPhones last week.CreditJim https://specgiuhosbo1973.wordpress.com Wilson/The New York Times I began by testing the iPhone XS Max because why not start with the biggest device? I moved my SIM card and all my data from an older iPhone to the new gadget and took it with me to dinner parties, bars, meetings and the gym. After three days, I was surprised by how good it felt to use the XS Max with one hand. A key factor was how Apple had managed to cram a bigger screen into a slightly smaller body. (The body of the Plus phones was 6.24 inches by 3.07 inches, while the XS Max’s body is 6.2 inches by 3.05 inches.) These changes amounted to meaningful improvements in ergonomics and overall convenience.

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