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Its very charming, very feminine. The Target collection reflects that perfectly and really captures that upbeat VVB aesthetic. Whats the one staple thats always in your closet? A classic white shirt. It works with anything and will never go out of style. Is there something you put on that instantly makes you feel like YOU? A pair of sunglasses. I rarely leave the house without them. They cover a multitude of sins and give any outfit a bit of attitude.

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It seems that every major retailer is trying to jump on the movement that was once thought as just a passing trend, but is now seen as a radical shift in what Americans demand from their clothing. "Athleisure is the new casual," Deirdre Clemente, a professor of history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, recently told Business Insider. Clemente, whose research focus is on20th-century American culture and the fashion industry, said thatathleisure"perfectly fits with a variety of trends that have been culminating for a century." Fitness and nutrition have become emphasized to greater degrees in American culture. The rise of "behind the scenes" celebrity social media accounts and reality TV shows gives the average person a greater idea of how the beautiful and famous get and keep their athletic, magazine-cover-ready bodies. This has made athleisure an entirely new category of clothing that some define as a "weird hybrid" of business casual and athletic wear even more aspirational.Muchof the clothing that people now consider work-appropriate incorporates sports-inspired materials like spandex, Lycra, and other synthetic fibers.It's combining two trends that have dominated American casual clothing durability and comfort in a versatile way. "Styling is evolving to merge business casual and sportswear into one," Clemente said. "Durability of sportswear and the versatility of business casual put those two things together, and who's not going towant to buy it?" Americans are being drawn to athleisure inlarger numbers every year. In 2015,while the whole of retail sales were flat for the year, sales of athletic wear were up 12%, according to Fortune . View photos More (Facebook/Lululemon) Designers and retailers tend to echo Clemente's observations.Todd Snyder, the former head of menswear at J.Crew and the founder of hiseponymous label, told Business Insider that he thinks athleisure isan "evolution" nota trend or fad. "Guys have changed the way they dress," Snyder said. "[Athleisure]is not going to goaway for at least 10 years." View photos (Facebook/Lululemon) Comfort clearly matters to the modern American consumer. "Athleisure plays to the American need for versatility and comfort in a way that neither sportswear nor business casual did," Clemente said. While athletic wear was created for a specific use sports or athletics, obviously athleisure clothing could theoretically be for any use. And it's this versatility that has attracted many consumers to the category.

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