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Jon Lansman As Labour's supreme decision-making committee, history of online shopping the NEC plays a key role in the overall direction of the party as well as helping set the rules for leadership contests. Mr Corbyn has gradually extended his influence over the NEC since he was first elected leader in September 2015, with more candidates sympathetic to his policies being elected to the 39-member body. At last year's party conference, members agreed to create three new positions for party members on top of the six that already exist. As well as Mr Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson, there are six other MPs elected by their colleagues to the NEC - John Trickett, Kate Osamor, Rebecca Long-Bailey, George Howarth, Margaret Beckett and Shabana Mahmood. Others on the body include 15 trade union representatives, two councillors, two members of socialist societies and representatives of Scottish Labour, Welsh Labour, MEPs in the European Parliament and Young Labour. Mr Lansman is a key ally of the party leader who has been a leading figure on Labour's "hard left" for four decades. He hailed his election as a "victory for 21st Century socialism". On Sunday, the 60-year-old told the BBC 5 live's Pienaar's Politics his election would bring the "dream of a members-led Labour Party" a step closer. "I think, I hope, that's what we'll have," Mr Lansman said. "Members will have nine out of a 39-member executive, still under a quarter, but much better representation, a reward for the 600,000 members who achieved such a fantastic turnaround in the general election." Yasmine Dar is a Manchester councillor while Rachel Garnham has been a longstanding member of Labour's National Policy Forum - both are also members of Momentum.

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