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Muslim Vikings: Warrior Burial Clothes Uncovered With 'Allah' Embroidery

10_13_Viking_burial_band Muslim Vikings: Warrior Burial Clothes Uncovered With 'Allah' Embroidery The discovery of Arabic characters showing reverence to Allah embroidered in Viking funerary clothing has turned on its head hundreds of years of thinking about Scandinavians in history, and raises questions over whether any of the culture’s famed warriors converted to Islam. Studying the intricate patterns woven into the bands of silk costumes recovered in boat graves from the Viking Age , researchers discovered the inclusion of long-hidden motifs revering Allah, the Muslim God, and Ali, the first Imam of the Shiite faith, Islam’s largest minority group. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now The words remained unseen for so long because the writing appeared in geometric patterns known as Kufic design. Annika Larsson, a researcher in textile archaeology at the department of archaeology and ancient history at Uppsala University, first spotted the characters on clothing from graves in Sweden's Birka and Gamla Uppsala, that were excavated in the 19th and 20th centuries. “One exciting detail is that the word ‘Allah’ is depicted in mirror image,” Larsson said in a statement given by Uppsala University. “It is a staggering thought that the bands, just like the costumes, were made west of the Muslim heartlands.” Arabic embroidery appears on Viking-style clothing. Uppsala University It is believed that the Vikings, in their extensive travels, encountered the Islamic ideas of eternal life and paradise. “In the Quran, it is written that the inhabitants of Paradise will wear garments of silk—which, along with the text band’s inscriptions, may explain the widespread occurrence of silk in Viking-age graves ,” Larsson said. “The findings are equally prevalent in both men’s and women’s graves.” The Arabic embroidery appears on Viking-style clothing that was in fashion at the time, disproving the idea that the clothes might simply have been looted. To the contrary: The extent of the use of silk in weaving styles from ancient Persia and Central Asia, found in 9th- and 10th-century Viking graves, shows the extent to which they embraced the Eastern ideal. As a result, Larsson told the BBC , "the possibility that some of those in the graves were Muslim cannot be completely ruled out." As part of the ongoing project, experts from Uppsala will conduct DNA analysis on the human remains from the graves to determine their kinship and geography.

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Investigators spoke to people who knew Coggins, but the investigation went cold, Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix said at a news conference. This past March, new evidence led investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Spalding County to re-examine the case. Dix did not provide details on the nature of the evidence, saying more tips were received after authorities, over the summer, announced to the media the case was re-opened. Some witnesses confessed they lived with knowledge about the case for years, but were afraid to come forward, Dix said. “It has been an emotional roller coaster for everybody that was involved,” Dix said. Police arrested five people on Friday in connection with the slaying. Frankie Gebhardt, 59, and Bill Moore Sr, 58, were each charged with murder, aggravated assault and other crimes. Authorities did not immediately say where Gebhardt and Moore lived. Gregory Huffman, 47, was charged with obstruction and violation of oath of office, Dix said. Huffman was a detention officer with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office but his employment was terminated after he was arrested. Lamar Bunn, a police officer in the town of Milner, which is south of Spalding County, was also arrested and charged with obstruction, as was Sandra Bunn, 58.

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