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I calculated the Arts and Group valuation based on the final $40 million cash sale stated by management and financial data กระเป๋าสะพายหลัง ราคาถูก ราคาถูก in the press release. "The Art business represented approximately 20% of CafePress's total revenues in 2014." The company's total sales for 2014 was $132.10 million, hence 20% of sales equals $26.42 million for the Art Group. Management stated the sale settled for around $40 million in cash, so the EV/Sales valuation for the Art Group was 40 million divided by 26.42 million to equal 1.51 EV/Sales valuation or near this figure. Again, the current market value for CafePress' EV/Sales ratio is 0.05 versus Art's sale valuation of ~1.51. The above mentioned asset sales are a key for stabilizing and moving the business forward. Furthermore, a reduced number of production facilities enables engineers to focus on CafePress to improve quality and efficiency. Fewer websites means developers can focus on enhancing the customer experience and conversion on CafePress. Fewer marketing systems concentrates the focus on improving marketing efficiency and customer transactions. An external consulting firm was used to do an extensive audit of margins, customer satisfaction, site conversion and volume. The discovered results now guide improvements in efficiency, merchandising, pricing and customer experience. Additionally, a review of over 600 products by starting at the bottom 10% in terms of sales, margin and quality were removed and discontinued on their site.

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Guy Verhofstadt, a long-standing critic of Brexit, wrote in The Observer that it was "irrelevant" whether the Conservatives increased their majority. Instead, Mrs May appeared to be driven by "political opportunism", he said. Mrs May says the poll is needed because Westminster is divided over Brexit. The decision to hold the election on 8 June - three years earlier than scheduled - was approved on Wednesday, with 522 MPs in favour and 13 against. Which MPs are quitting - and who might stand? Mr Verhofstadt wrote: "The theory espoused by some, that Theresa May is calling a general election on Brexit in order to secure a better deal with the EU, is nonsensical. "Will the election of more Tory MPs give Theresa May a greater chance of securing a better Brexit deal? "For those sitting around the table in Brussels, this is an irrelevance." Mr Verhofstadt added that many in Brussels believed the chances of a deal were being eroded by Mrs May's "tough negotiating red lines" and a lack of "political room for manoeuvre" domestically. He said there was no guarantee "a sprinkling of additional Conservative MPs on the backbenches" would change this.