I want to say right off that the bat that I haven't personally used travel hacking. I do book all my flights with the same airline alliance and I generally stay in the hotels of that alliance so I can build my frequent flyer status and miles. Being Platinum with Delta has allowed me many benefits that make international travel a little easier. Related: Business Travel 101: 3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Trip But, you can take advantage of different credit card offers and literally get millions of miles and points. These miles and points allow you to travel -- a lot of times in first class -- for little or nothing. If your business generates money while you travel, it's a win-win. The entrepreneurs who use travel hacking are very passionate about it. They have been featured on major news outlets about it, and there are websites dedicated to teaching you how to use travel hacking to see the world through miles and points. 2. Booking paid speaking events.

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